Testimony to the Mighty God of Jacob


Little Zechy

God really work in His own way though the result is still what we expected it to be in our earnest daily prayer. I would like to give testimony to God our Father in heaven for what He had done for me lately.

My poor elderly mother and my wife and my brother and his children are all in difficult positions and this has make my mother very sad and uncomfortable. My wife is blaming my mother for been unfair to us that she keep looking for me to do things for her and do not wish to disturb my brother at all. But my brother is willing to help and it just that my mom like to be with me and everytime whenever she need anything she will just think of me and very naturally she will just call me to help. This has make my wife very unhappy and start to raise voices at her and ask her not to keep calling me to do things. She also scolded my brother in front of her saying is my brother really her son or not and made her upset. All these happened because my late dad had returned to the Lord 2 years ago and making my elderly mother very dependent on us to keep her company especially during the night time as she cannot sleep well. We used to accompany her from Sunday night to Wednesday night and my brother will come in Friday and Saturday night to help. Thursday night she will have to pop sleeping pill to sleep alone all by herself. I actually owe my mother a lot as I used to get financial aid and tender care from her whereas my brother is more indepenedent than me and so very naturally my mother will depend on me more but my wife do not understand this point. I ever told her that I owe my mother a great deal and therefore I need to do more for my mother than my brother, she angrily reprehended me and say I should not get married in the first place and that make me very sad and hurt.

No matter what it is I don’t mind my wife say something hurtful to me but not disrespect my mother and shout at her unreasonably. Now my wife even hate my brother’s children and do not wish to see them at all. When my late dad was around we all whole family have dinner together and that makes both my parents very happy and glad. Now my late dad is no more with us and my wife starts to isolate the whole family so much so that it hurt me to see my poor elderly mother unable to enjoy the usual togetherness again as before. My late dad died of heart attack already cause her severe depression and now my wife make everything so uncomfortable for her. My wife used to be a kind and helpful person and filial to both my parents but eversince we are unable to have children and her work place gave her unwanted stress and her superior bully her that turn her into an unreasonable person throwing tantrums very often at the family.

There is one time I read a parshat which I cannot remember which one but it sure got something to do with the law of oath. And suddenly I got a thought of asking God to help me in this situation which I will place a oath before the Mighty God of Jacob, HaShem Adonai, to divinely answer my prayer request. If God would grant me my prayer request, I will make an oath to Him that I will do this and do that…  Well, I ask God to let my elderly mother be comforted and consoled to see that my wife and I want to join together with my brother and his children to have dinner with her. Actually this is a request that my wife will never agree to comply. Well guess what? Miracles do exist. God has given us an adopted baby boy and with his arrival it brought joy and gladness and change of heart to my wife that she suddenly become the person I used to know and she now are in good terms with my elderly mother and my brother and his children.

Hence I am now writing this testimony and donation to Israel as a fulfilment to my oath which I made in His name.


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